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Christian Ríos Vázquez

Better known in the musical world as Ray Muvz, was born on April 3 in the state of Virginia, USA, but he grew up in the town of Rio Grande, PR. His father, Roberto Ríos and his mother Dulma Vázquez. Since he was little, Ray Muvz was passionate about the Fine Arts, and for this reason, in addition to his academic studies, he followed his passion and enrolled in music theory classes and singing classes. Simultaneously, he entered the GOP Dance dance academy, founded by the professional choreographer & dancer Pedro Avilés, this to train as an integral artist. Upon reaching his Teenager stage, he entered the Ernesto Ramos Antonini Free School of Music, in Hato Rey, PR. There, I entered the musical composition and ”Songwriting” program.


His stage name, Ray Muvz, is a homophone phrase that is heard as Rey Moves and which translates to King of Movement, a character with which he identifies. With his discipline and dedication to the process, Ray Muvz will establish himself in the artistic union for his talent and will be recognized as "The Best" of his generation, because he will bring back the essence of the "Performers", of the "Showman". In addition to the Urban genre, the music that is most identified with is R&B, Pop and Jazz. Since his most important musical influences are Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Bruno Mars. At his young age he has already worked with renowned producers, including Sosa, Walde "The Beat Maker" and Eliel "El Que Habla Con Las Manos". hand in hand with Eliel as the music producer of his first single, Ray Muvz and his management team are preparing the release of his first single, PEGATE.


Awilda Torres